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I don't want a livejournal anymore.

so I decided I'm going to ramble in a blog connected to my art blog.
so if you get bored, read about my life there.


squirreled in detroit.

so I went out to my car to grab some tubes of paint that were in a bag with my Halloween costume.
oh wait.
it's gone.
and so was my radio.

someone broke in to my car and stole my radio, and more importantly MY SQUIRREL COSTUME! WTF DETROIT!

I'm partially mad, but it's really one of the funniest things ever.
I bet they thought I had a fur coat in my back seat.
oh wait nope just a tail!

at least I have one picture so you can see just how great it WAS.


Sigur Ros

Sigur Ros and Parachutes were breath taking.

I want to say so much more about the concert but I know it won't even do it justice.


I am in Toronto.

this has been one of the most interesting trips of my life.
weed is basically legal.
this morning I had a "hippie vegan sandwhich" while my boyfriend and friends smoked a joint at this place called the Hot Box in China Town. Weed is almost legal.
Everyone is so nice.
we've been hanging out with a clown who performs on stilts.
ran from this crazy hostel.
stayed in a decent hostel tonight.
and its all great.
I can't wait to graduate and move to a big city. I love being able to look out a window and see constant life.

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I looked at the Society of Illustrators website.
and seeing Mike, James, and Carl's (kid I worked with at Cedar Point) art work
made me all teary eyed, I felt like a mom.
I'm so proud of my friends and how fucking talented and great they are.
we are great.
and all are going to accomplish so many great things.
I'm excited.

lets not lose touch once we're all spread across the country.